My Future As a Leader

All I can hope for is to be a humble leader. To me this entails the ability to lead with courage whilst listening to others, taking criticism constructively, and evolving when the opportunity presents itself.

I believe the abilities to listen, learn, and care are the most sensible a leader can have in this world. I plan on developing these skills by furthering my education. I have a passion for communication, they way individuals speak to one another (verbally and non), as well as how countries interact with one another. I believe I have the heart to make an influence. I also believe that change we wish to see in the world is unrealistic and undeserved so long as we refuse to evolve ourselves.

I wish to always maintain the ability to self reflect and adapt. Fortunately, a wish is merely nothing without the intention of making it come true for yourself. We must practice being the person we strive to be. We must practice being the society we long for in order to live in it.