Developmental Phenomenon: Elementary Education

unitedI realized that attending college for a degree in Elementary Education would be the best option, as well as a solution for me while I continue to discover the potential that I enclose within the meaning of my life. To begin, I would like to talk about how furthering my education would play a critical role in the preparation towards my future and my career. Cultivating the education that is available will allow me to reach my personal goal of becoming independent because frankly, I want to move on, start my own life, and help educate others. As an elementary teacher, I would like to explore a different world that would offer me greater incentives. I would like to be exposed to culturally diverse individuals and have resources that can aid me both personally and professionally so that I will be able to support myself and others within the imminent future.

Lending a helping hand…I cannot imagine a better way to live my life. In today’s world, there are many occupations for me to choose from, but I believe that the best way to improve my purpose is to attend college for a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. This would help me to achieve my various educational goals by preparing me with advanced academic courses and proper training that will drive me closer towards my desired future. I am a dedicated individual and I ultimately plan on unlocking the hidden potential within me towards succeeding in life.

As a senior in high school, I volunteered to be a preschool teacher’s aid. This was a bilingual department (English and Cup’ig) and it was a bit of a challenge, but I was committed and I managed to do a great job. The best part about volunteering was being able to work with children every morning. I always kept in mind that the early years of children’s lives are fundamentally important towards their cognitive and emotional development. Those moments when children would express their excitement about their daily accomplishments lit up my world and provided me with the most rewarding feeling. Being a part of a developmental marvel is something I would love to live with everyday.

For the time being, I will strive for a degree in education because I know that it will have far-reaching and inspiring effects and it will ultimately prepare me to make responsible and passionate contributions to society.