Lemon Reservoir

For someone who is interested in venturing a little out of Durango the ride to Lemon reservoir is a great ride! It will take you north of town roughly 15-19 miles, this ride is one of my favorite places to ride in Durango. Everything that you could want on a motorcycle ride can be found on this ride, everything from a few deep corners to a few long straight pieces of tarmac. As i have told you in other entries you should still be on high alert for wild life on the road, as you venture further out of town the numbers of animals on the road will increase dramatically. Also an important thing to be prepared for is cyclists, this is a common destination for cyclist to ride; which means you have to look out for blind corners cars might be partially in your lane because of cyclists. Go out and have some fun spend some time at Lemon reservoir, it is a great lunch destination.

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