Cars Vs. Motorcycles

As everyone knows motorcycles are extremely dangerous to ride in traffic amongst cars, most drivers aren’t used to looking for motorcyclists unless they ride one. If you are a motorcyclist riding in traffic in Durango, or anywhere, ¬†you have to assume that none of the cars can hear or see you. Most people who are driving cars are completely unaware of motorcyclists presence, i can testify to this because before i rode i didn’t notice motorcycles at all. Therefore to avoid any type of accident you have a few options, you can wear bright colors to get peoples attention, you can also ride a safe distance from everyone, another solution would be to make eye contact with every person around you so they acknowledge your presence. Personally my favorite way to get people to realize i am there is just make your bike really loud, rev it up so that people are able to hear you, and are aware that you are somewhere in the area. Also a very important thing that you can do to be seen during the day is have your bright light always on, this allows people to see you from further away. RIde safe and don’t crash like i did!

One thought on “Cars Vs. Motorcycles

  1. I never thought that when a biker revs their bike loud that it could be for safety. That is pretty smart because when I am driving my car and I hear a motorcycle coming up loud I always stay out of their way or just keep my distance. I would have never thought they were doing it purposely for safety. I’m sure many are doing it to show off but doing it to keep safe is a good idea. I have a new appreciation for loud bikers.

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