Cold Weather Precautions: Braking

Cold weather can mean a number of things but for the purpose of this review, I will be explaining all of the dangers riding a motorcycle in cold weather can bring. Everything from breaking, to accelerating, to bike position, to clothing can effect the rider in less then perfect summer conditions. The danger of riding in cold weather can be reduced by both the rider, the motorcycle its self.

The first key danger that everyone who is riding a motorcycle should be aware of is breaking in certain conditions. One must know exactly how to handle breaking, for example if the road has any accumulation of water you have to do a number of things to stay safe. Breaking normally should be, 75% to the front brake and 25% to the back brake, however in conditions with water you always want to ease on the brakes, and apply them more evenly so you do not lock up one or the other; if water is not present you also have to apply slowly and never apply brakes when the bike is leaned to any direction.

One thought on “Cold Weather Precautions: Braking

  1. You say that you should never apply brakes when the bike is leaned to any direction, why is that? Does that mean that you shouldn’t brake at all if you are turning, because that seems a little dangerous if you were to be going into a bend and needed to slow down. I’m curious to know about the mechanics of the bike or brakes that hiders the use of brakes when leaned. I am also wondering if there are any alternate ways to slowing down, like when down shifting in a car, does this work similarly on a bike?

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