Cold Weather Precautions: Accelerating, and Clothing

The next danger that riders should be aware of is accelerating and the bike position. When the weather is colder then normal you have to consider the rubber for the tires, and what temperature they are used to and what temperature makes them grip the pavement the best. If you were to go into a deep turn with cold and brittle tires the chances of slipping out are greatly increased! One must also take into account accelerating, in cold weather your throttle is going to be a little slower to react, this is normal just treat it as you normally would and gradually apply, if you try and accelerate to fast the tires will most likely slip out on the brittle road.

Out of all the things that I just told you would help increase safety the most important is clothing! If a rider is ill prepared for weather, or temperature conditions it can be the difference between life and death. Until you experience riding a bike without proper gear you will not know the full danger of numb fingers, and toes, or lack of general motor function. Ride safe and be smart, take all necessary precautions outlined and most importantly always wear layers and bring extra.

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