Murdercycle to a Motorcycle

Motorcycle accidents are caused by a number of things as explained in the first post drivers are the main cause but the blame does not fall only in one party. Another major cause for motorcycle accidents is the lack of rider education also. “Motorcyclists who are inexperienced and simply do not know the limitations of there machine hence, these new riders push their motorcycles to their threshold” (, Common causes of Motorcyclist accidents) What this article does not consider about inexperienced riders is that the machine its self can perform much better then the rider can. Most of the accidents that fall under this category are because motorcyclists are not properly educated on bike use.

Is there any way to change the reputation of murdercycles to motorcycles? I would say yes, you could educate drivers on motorcycle awareness, which could change the tragic nature that cars and motorcycles interact. However I would also say that there is no cure for hubris, or stupidity; many of the accidents that are fatal are due to just plain rider stupidity. I have also felt this feeling of immortality while riding my motorcycle but there is a cost for this and many ill-experienced riders have paid with their lives. In conclusion I would say that you can educate riders and car drivers on awareness but one thing that you cannot change is the incurable stupidity of humans on motorcycles.

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