Murdercycle to a Motorcycle

How can you turn a murdercycle into a motorcycle?

            Motorcycles and motorcyclists over the years have created a reputation for themselves that can only be described as grim. When people think of motorcycles they think of a death wish, a dangerous machine, people have been socialized to believe that they are dangerous and will surely end in fatality. However with the proper education, equipment, and knowledge motorcycles, and motorcyclists could be reanalyzed and reinvented into a better light.

“There are many common causes of motorcycle accidents, of which the most frequent, and clearly the predominant cause, seems to be a result of other motorists simply not seeing and recognizing motorcycles in dense traffic.” (, Common causes of Motorcyclist accidents) This points out that it might not be the fault of the motorcyclist, rather the driver of a car. This is just an issue of education, in drivers ed classes there is not section that teaches you how to drive around motorcycles, and how to be cautious of them and look for them. Therefore revising the driver’s education program could be one way to curb a large portion motorcycle accident mortality rates.

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