Purchasing a used Motorcycle

There are a few things that everyone should know when they are purchasing a used motorcycle, be it from a dealership, or from a private party. Some things will vary that you should look for depending on the style, and type of bike that you are looking at. For example if you are buying a Harley, you most likely do not need to check the steering bearings because people don’t realistically do wheelies on that type of bike; However if you are getting a Crotch Rocket, or even a dirt bike it is necessary. For simple reading sake i am going to write this as a numbered list rather then a paragraph.

1. The most important thing that you must make sure the owner has is the Title. Not a salvage title also it has to be the original title, otherwise you will have an awful hard time dealing with the DMV and trying to register your bike.

2. It is very important that you know the history of the bike, owner history, crash history (if any), and maintenance history. All of these are important to really understand how much wear, and damage has been put on the bike.

3. Check form aftermarket parts, Its really important to know what parts are aftermarket if any so that you don’t have a hard time finding the right part if something were to go wrong. It is also important to have a owners manual for the bike, and the exploded parts manual also.

4. Specific parts to check: Fork seals, break pads, tire life left, transmission, and also just make sure its not dripping any fluid. The fork seals are important to check because they are your front suspension, and if they are leaking it will not work as well and also it is just an expensive fix! The Break pads as you can assume are your breaking power and if they are getting low it can be expensive to replace all of them. Make sure the tires that are on the bike are still good for at least another half of a season, yet again this is very expensive you don’t want to have to spend $500 plus dollars on a tire right after you buy a bike. And finally the transmission, if this is messed up the bike is not even worth looking at because this will be the most expensive fix on it, but to check make sure you test ride the bike and run it through all the gears, you don’t want it to slip out of any, and you want it to be clean and smooth.

These are my pieces of advice for buying a bike i hope you listen and make sure to be clear and thorough when buying a previously owned bike, because your bank account will feel the pain if you aren’t careful.

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  1. I’m seriously considering getting a crotch rocket in the near future, I’m just a little unsure of some things. I’m aware that when buying or looking for cars it important to know some common problems or malfunctions the car experiences, and each car can be different. So I’m wondering is there are any certain bike models or companies that are known for something like the brakes going bad early, or anything along those lines? And secondly, I am curious to know what your favorite bike is, who makes it and why?

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