Save the Planet one motorcycle at a time!

When it comes to cost efficiency motorcycles will also take the trophy; “For $4,100 you can purchase a new motorcycle that will get 61 mpg. A Toyota Prius retails between $22,000 to 28,000 and gets 51 mpg” (Elijah Clark, Motorcycles VS Cars for Gas Mileage). This quote clearly shows that it is not only cheaper to buy a motorcycle buy the motorcycle but as shown before it is cheaper to power a motorcycle.

So if motorcycles beat cars in two very important categories then why do more people still buy cars over motorcycles? Well unfortunately a big selling point for cars is space, where cars can carry four people at minimum, motorcycles can only carry two people at maximum. Another reason why people don’t go for motorcycles is the danger factor, they are more dangerous, and however they are more dangerous because of the cars that drive around them. Motorcycles are great for fuel economy, and price however they do not always satisfy the needs of someone who is purchasing a vehicle.

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