Save the Planet one motorcycle at a time!

In modern society motorcycles have been labeled with a plethora of negative feelings: dangerous, impractical, and dangerous again. However people neglect to look at the positive features that a motorcycle has to offer, such as fuel economy, convenience, and cost efficiency. I am arguing on the point that motorcycles are actually more practical, better for the average American, and better for the environment. Society tells people that motorcycles are dangerous and impractical, however if you think about it, a car is dangerous and impractical also and possibly more so then a motorcycle.

When people consider buying a car in the new ecofriendly society that we live in the first thing that people look at is the MPG, miles per gallon. On an online miles per gallon calculator I used my vehicles, my Toyota highlander vs. my Honda cbr; for a 100 mile trip my car uses four gallons of gas costing roughly $13 dollars, and for my motorcycle it uses just shy of two gallons of gas and costs right around $6. This clearly shows that to go the same distance as a car it could cost you half the price on a motorcycle. So clearly motorcycles have better fuel economy then cars, not that there was much of a competition to start out with, however now let’s look at cost efficiency.

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