Riding in the Snow………BAD IDEA!

This video shows what will happen if you try and ride your motorcycle in the snow. It is never a good idea, you will fall and it will be cold and dangerous!



One thought on “Riding in the Snow………BAD IDEA!

  1. I’ve had a bad experience with people who ride in the snow on motorcycles. a couple of my friends and I were coming home late one snowy night and we stopped at a red light where a couple of bikes pulled up next to us. They were being kind of creepy and kept asking us to roll down the window and stuff. Anyway, when the light turned green one of them decide to show off and do a wheelie, well he hit some ice and also hit the throttle a little too hard, but he ended up sliding out from his bike where it nearly hit us and I nearly ran over him. After that whole situation I am terrified of people who ride in the snow. And also people who like to show off.

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