Rhetoric of Blogging

There are a lot of motorcyclists in Durango Colorado, a good portion of them who commute to school on campus. These are some of the people who I enjoy to meet on campus and talk about good places they have found to ride around here. This blog is my attempt to publish all of the places that people and myself have ridden around the Durango area; places that have good straights, deep banked turns, and all around enjoyable mountain roads. There isn’t a shortage of these motorcyclist destinations but the key is learning where they are and how to ride them safely. This would most likely be much better received if we weren’t beginning winter right now but it is still nice to know which roads you can ride when the sun comes out.

The reason that I found the need to write about riding a motorcycle in Durango is mostly because I struggled with finding good people and places that I could ride. I assumed this was because I didn’t know anyone who enjoyed the type of riding that I do, I later learned that I was very wrong. All it took for me to find a group of people was riding my bike onto campus and looking for people either parking their bikes, or getting ready to take off. However meeting people who ride is only part of the issue; they also have to have the need to find good places to ride and experiment. Now that I have been riding in Durango I have found many good people to ride with and many good roads but there are still people out there who I don’t know and who are looking for that next beautiful piece of tarmac.

Its not as easy as just going for a ride in Durango Colorado though you have to understand the road and understand your surroundings. There are a few constraints that people interested should always keep in mind. The first that someone must look for is that weather, Colorado has a very bipolar weather system; it could look nice one minuet but then the next be pouring rain or even snowing. Another thing that has cost people a lot of money in repairs and created a lot of accidents is the wild life. The deer tend to find their way into the road at the absolute worst times and if you are not prepared to stop at every moment, YOU WILL GET HURT! Another wise piece of advice would be look out for different types of road, and the ice that can accumulate in the shade of the corners. And finally you must constantly be looking for the police, they tend to sit behind blind corners just waiting for you to come into a corner a bit faster then suggested.

By writing this I am hoping to inspire the interested motorcyclist population to go out and ride the great roads that we have around here. But not only to ride but to ride safely, and cautiously because there are so many risks here that could take your life in a minuet. This isn’t supposed to scare someone its just supposed to get people aware of the dangers and also to show people the fun roads in the area. I would enjoy to get a group of motorcyclist together some day soon and plan a ride, hoping to bring a group together who all enjoy the same type of fun!

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