County Road 250

Route 250 is a beautiful county road located on the north side of town, this road is a popular place for cyclists in town to go and ride along with motorcyclists. On this road you will find many rolling hills along side the animas river. This road will either lead you to a turn off to 550 or if you continue following it you will shortly find your self at Bakers bridge. This ride is great for just a short outing, some time to clear your head. In the later half of this ride there are some hairpin turns when you are getting closer to Bakers bridge, FOLLOW THE SUGGESTED SPEED LIMIT! If you do not follow these speed limits you will surely dump your bike like i have done or you will get pulled out of the turn and ride it into a fence. This is a good ride for any skill level once again just the speed that you do it at will be slightly different. Ride safe people

Highway 150

There are many great places to ride around Durango but one of my favorites is still highway 150 towards Cortez. This is a great ride for people of all skill levels, this was actually the first ride I ever did on a street bike and I still enjoy it to this day. What you will find on this scenic journey will not be that of deep mountain passes, but instead a relatively relaxed piece of tarmac. You will unfortunately not be able to many deep turns but you do get the rolling hills and steep inclines. This is also a great road for opening up your bike a little bit, seeing what she really is capable of. However as usual in this area you should always be watching out for deer and other wild life on the road because they will be there. Another thing to look for would be shaded roads, which could mean ice accumulation, or just colder riding weather so make sure you have layers. There are a lot of good places for riders to stop off and just appreciate the view also.

The damage/ Molas pass

Today i took my bike into the local motor sports store Handlebar motor sports, this store is located off of camino del rio over by natures oasis and office depot. I was curious what it was going to cost me to bring my lifeless bike back from the dead. Turns out the number isn’t as startling as i previously thought. Unfortunately i cannot do a full inspection of the bike without dropping some coin and having Handlebar do an inspection.

But enough about my future expenditures, if your reading this blog you probably want to know what roads are good for riding around here. I would personally have to say one of my favorite rides to go on around here is the ride up to Molas pass. This ride as everything that most motorcyclists will enjoy, beautiful views, Nice winding tarmac, Deep long sloping corners, and some fun straights. This ride is perfect for everyones skill level, the only thing that you have to alter if your are more of a new rider is the speed at which you take the corners. If you do decide to take this ride it will probably be a two hour round trip, possibly a bit less if you push the speed limit a little (which i dont advise on this road). Some things to look out for on this ride would be: cows on the road (as funny as that sounds its real), other wild life, slick pieces of tarmac, and occasionally ice in the corners.


The worst happens

For anyone who rides a motorcycle in Durango be cautious about the hairpin turn on 8th heading up to campus. I was riding this turn on Monday and something completely unexpected happened.

I was leaning heading down this turn towards town and I did not realize how far I actually had the bike leaned over, the back tire slid out about an inch causing the bike to drop down towards the road. This drop towards the road then made my foot peg on the left side of my bike hit the pavement and shot the bike out from under me. I watched sliding on my elbows and knees as my bike rammed into the guard rail, and then aggressively bounce off of the guard rail into the road. After i stopped sliding i went over to my bike to pick it up and push it somewhere that would not impede traffic.

My body surging with adrenaline i picked up the bike easily but set it back down because i realized i was standing in a lake of oil from my bike. My nightmare had happened i was not injured but my bike happened to be trashed.

Issues: the clutch lever bent and almost not useable, the left front break disk bent, The alternator cover is shattered, Left foot peg and shifter bent inwards touching the chain, and of course some cosmetic damage.

Durango Motorcycle guide

My name is Aaron Waldman, I am what some people would call a motorcycle enthusiast. Some background on me as a person, I am a 3rd year political science major at The Fort, I ski, ride motorcycles, skateboard, and for money I paint houses. There are not to many people at this school who are interested in the type of motorcycle riding that I do but for the people who are this page is for you.

I currently own a beautiful 2001 CBR F4i. This is my bike, not the most ideal bike to own in such a small town but its fun and it gets me around town and all of the surrounding areas.