Multimodal Examples on Campus


Here we see Fort Lewis shooting a video on why students should come to the Fort, and what the benefits are! In this picture there are many multimodal examples, and they are using these modes as tools to help convince students to come here!

Gestural- In this clip they have students moving around, and their movements are predetermined and precise movements. They do this in order to emphasize points they want to make, and to also make everything more appealing to the viewers eye

Aural- is another distinctive mode that we see in this example. Its is being used by having the speakers within the clip speak in a certain tone, and then to also change and emphasize that tone in order to make certain parts of information stick out. This helps to get the viewer to focus on what it is you want them to focus on.

Linguistic- This mode is used in this clip because the author/director had to be very careful on the word choice. Often times for videos like these they are working on time limitations, and therefore can’t spend too much time describing one thing if they want to get everything in the clip.¬†This causes them to come up with word choice that helps them summarize the information they want to be delivered, all while doing it in an effective way.

Another great example of the modes we are learning about in class, and how they are used in combination of one another to maximize the effectiveness. Thanks for reading!



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