Multimodal Examples on Campus


Bulletin Boards!

I’m sure we all know that these are very useful to get information about various events, but have you ever took a moment to step back and realize what technique these boards are using to deliver information to you? If your like me, I am guessing that your answer was no. So lets change that!

Bulletin boards use various multimodal elements! I will now describe what modes are being used, why I believe that particular mode is being used, and why.

LINGUISTIC- This bulletin board is covered with examples of linguistic mode! Whoever made the ad/paper had limited space to use, and therefore had to be very precise about his/her word choice in order to get all the required information on there.

VISUAL- The authors also commonly use pictures on their ad/paper in order to draw the viewers eye, and to also help describe what it is they are trying to deliver.

SPACIAL- The authors also used this mode by how they arranged their ads/papers, and also by how the bulletin board was organized. The board is organized so that none of the papers overlap, and also so that the viewer is able to read all of them. The individual ad/paper is organized in a way that the reader can read quickly and get the main idea right away.

All of these modes combined with one another to make the board successful. Even if one mode was missing, it could be argued that the bulletin board wouldn’t be near as effective as it is will all the modes.

Also, bulletin boards can vary in size, and also how they are organized.


Display Case!

Here we see a display case that uses the same modes as the bulletin board, but is slightly different. Here most of the ads/papers follow a common theme. This helps the reader to hop around and read whatever information the think they need, all while being readily available to a vast amount of information on the subject. The display case also provides pictures and additional information at the bottom of the case. The modes I believe that are being used to make this case effective are provided below:

  • Linguistic
  • Spatial
  • Visual

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  1. It was one of the most short and sweet post that I saw so far. It seem so flawless at its simple design but effective use of what you think a bulletin use for modes in a multimodal project. I didn’t really have a problem with anything. Good Job

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