Connection to Geology List


  1. “Which Language is Best to Learn?” by Robert Lane Greene

Greene poses the question, which language is best to learn? I think that this connects to Geology because as a geologist you will encounter many languages while traveling the world doing work.

  1. Writing for an Audience by Linda S. Flower

This article connects to Geology because when a geologist writes up a report, they always have to consider their audience.

  1. “We All Are Writes Now” by Anne Trubek

Trubek makes the claim that everyone in today’s generation is better readers and writers due to social networking. I believe we see this in the geology field because it could be argued that younger geologist are more proficient at these skills.

  1. “I won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar” by Kyle Weins

You can’t get a job as a geologist if you use bad grammar.

  1. “Conquer English to Make China Strong: The Globalization of English”

If English is continuing to become a second- first language in areas around the world, this would be a benefit to English speaking geologists.

  1. “Saying Adios to Spanglish” by Letricia Salais

Geologist that learn Spanish in the states often struggle with speaking the language to the native people of those areas that have been speaking Spanish all their life.

  1. “Your Bad Grammar at Work: What’s the Problem?” by Alison Griswold

When geologist use bad grammer that can cause confusion to others or even be fired for doing it.

  1. “Why Being a Jerk Pays” Amy Reiter

It could be argued that this strategy to climbing the “corporate ladder” would be used in geology as well.

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