Hindrance to Research

Class Notes!

In class we talked about possible factors that could hinder ones research, and here are some ideas that my fellow scholars came up with:

Chayse Romero– “One hindrance to research is that we normally feel the need to touch on many different ideas, points, or subjects”.

Candra Lowery– “Questions often lead to further questions”.

Chloe Speshock– “Not knowing where to start”. Invention, arrangement, style, memorization, delivery.

Alex Byron(myself)-“Language barriers”. Not knowing specific terms for the particular discourse.

Erik Keil- “The way you think of things is not normally the best way to deliver it”.

Candra Lowery– “Willingness to adapt/ willingness to be wrong”.

William Mangrum- “Willingness to be wrong”.

William Mangrum- “Not wanting to be embarrassed by paper when you look back on paper twenty years later. Not about a legacy”.


Picture of a man trying to research, the struggle is real.








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