“Language” By: Gita DasBender

So far I have read ten articles from this book, each one of those were different from the others and very unique. In this blog, will not go over each one in detail, but I will point out my favorite of the reads and some brief details that stuck with me from those articles.

The first article that I will discuss is, “Writing For an Audience”, by Linda S. Flower. I enjoyed this article so much because I found it very relatable to my major. In geology whenever you write a report, or write anything for that matter, it is crucial that you consider who your audience is and what their background knowledge is on the subject you are writing about. if not, it is very likely that your ideas will be rejected. I also believe that knowing your audience is crucial for any major or job, and this is because in any major/job you will be expected to express your knowledge to others.

The second article that I found interesting and relatable to my major is, “Which Language is Best to Learn”, by Robert Lane Greene. In this article Greene argues that French is the best language to learn. I found this interesting because as a Geologist it is very likely that you will travel a lot, and to many different countries and cultures. During your travel you will encounter many different languages, and it would be impractical to try and learn every language you might encounter. Therefore, it could be very beneficial to learn the language that will benefit you the most no matter where you are on this planet.



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