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Language used between members of the scientific community is much different than the language used between the scientific community and the public. This is a result of the language barriers between these two communities, and these barriers have created many problems. These language barriers need to be resolved so scientific technology can improve, as well as scientific knowledge.

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    1. Erik,
      To break down these language barriers I would suggest that members within the scientific community follow in the foot steps of Professor Marcus Du Sautoy and meet with scientists from different specialties, on a regular basis, to become educated in all fields of science. This would help break down some of the barriers within the scientific community. I would also suggest that scientists consider who their audience is when speaking to the public, and deliver the information in a way that the audience can understand. Also, I would suggest that the public works on becoming more familiar with what is going on in the scientific community, and educate themselves on what the capabilities are of scientists within those communities. I believe that would be a great start to breaking down the language barriers, however more research is needed to conclude what the best actions would be.

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