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Use of Tools/ Resources

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Throughout this semester we used these four books as guides. After reading, annotating, and critically analyzing every one of these books, it was apparent to me that they would be great guides for my work, and boy was I right! I used these books for help on formatting, creating an argument, creating multimodal texts on a digital platform, using articles to connect my own major to this discourse, and so on. The knowledge I gained this semester from using these books as tools, is priceless. During this course, I was shocked to realize the numerous ways that these books can be applied to everyday life. Thanks to this course, I will have these tools in my toolbox for the rest of my life.

We were also given many resources to help us with our work this semester, some of them being:

Examples of every one of these resources can be found in my work from this semester.



 Days missed     Time Span
 11/3/14, 11/12/14, 12/12/14  10/15/14-12/12/14

Score- 4/5

Group Meetings

We didn’t have quite as many group meetings this semester, but when we did I always attended and contributed towards making that time extremely valuable to all participants. Whether it was meeting with our groups, or having everyone meet at Professor Mangrums house, it was always very beneficial. We were able to share ideas with each other, help each other on whatever we were working on at the time, and even give each other tools in designing multimodal texts. One of the tools that I learned during a group meeting, was how to make Gifs, all thanks to Brandon Rainbolt.

Here is one of the Gifs I made this semester that relates to my major:


Score- 9/10

Professionalism of Blog

While creating my last self assessment, it occurred to me that I was falling behind on my blog, especially compared to my fellow scholars. It was at that time that I started to really care about how my blog looked, and how it represented me as a scholar. Since then I took great care while designing each of my blog posts, as well as the overall format of my blog. As I look at my blog now, I feel proud about the work that I completed over the second half of the semester. I believe that my blog represents me, and my major, very well. I also believe that I successfully used a very broad set of tools while designing my blogs, and became very familiar with what tools worked best for what. Another thing that I feel proud of regarding my blogs, is the content. I always considered who my audience was while creating my content, and I believe that I was able to make some very profound arguments, that were always backed up by factual information. I also learned to be very honest with my audience, and when I didn’t have the knowledge to completely understand a situation, or back up an opinion, I always let the reader know that more research needed to be done in order to make accurate claims.

Score- 8.5/10

Class Time Participation

The second half of the semester I started to make sure that I fully prepared for each class, and participate as much as possible. I stopped worrying as much about if I had the “right” answer or not, instead I focused on bringing my own uniqueness to the class discussion. I wanted to focus on this because I realized that every

Class of Engaged Students
Class of Engaged Students

single scholar had unique knowledge that no other scholar in that room had. This is because no person is the same, we have all had different experiences in our lives that have taught us different things. When every participant in the discussion brings their own unique knowledge to the table, this is when true learning take place. This is because everyone is approaching the subject at hand from different perspectives, and this leads to some very interesting discussions. I feel that my self, and the other scholars of Comp 250 section/3, did a much better job at doing this in the last half of the semester, and I truly enjoyed every discussion that we had!

Score- 4/5


Notes in this class seemed to be never ending! I ended up having to buy another notebook for this class after I filled up my first one! In the end, I am extremely grateful that we were forced to write down everything in class! This has already proven to be a valuable asset for me in many areas of my life, especially with my major. As said before in my last assessment, I am a Geology major and as a geologyimagesITA9JL4I major it is very important to take good notes not only when out surveying, but also in the lab room! This tool has already helped me multiple times throughout this semester, and I am sure it will continue helping me more in the future. I recently re-read all of the notes I had taken this semester, and I was surprised to find that:

  1. As I got closer to the end of the semester, my notes got much better!
  2. As my notes got better, they got longer. I was learning how to right down EVERYTHING I heard, not just what I thought was important.
  3. Throughout the semester I became better at phrasing information I heard in my own words.
  4. Every time I had to go back to my notes to find information I was always able to find what I was looking for.

Score- 10/10

 Categories  Points Earned  Points Possible
 Tools  9  10
 Attendance  4  5
 Group Meetings  9  10
 Professionalism of Blog  8.5  10
 Class Participation  4  5
 Notes  10  10


 OVERALL SCORE 44.5/50-  89% 


I believe that I deserve this grade for my second semester self assessment because of my overall engagement, as well as the time I spent on work outside of class. I completed all of the required tasks, and made sure to take pride in the work I was submitting. This cause me to spend extra time making sure I was doing the best work that I could. I also did a fairly good job logging that time, besides the time that was spent on my research project. I still have yet to log that time, but even when I do, it will still be an inaccurate representation of the time spent on that project. This is because that project was a project that began at the beginning of the semester when I started to consider what I wanted my subject to be, how it would be connected to my major, and what my argument would be. After all the time spent preparing for that assignment, I was very pleased at the content I provided, as well as the over all design of the project. I was so pleased with the project, because it encompassed all of the tools that I have learned this semester, and incorporated them with multimodal text. I learn more about each of these tools every time I use them, and they will continue to help me be a productive scholar for the rest of my life.








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