Mid Term Self Assessment


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I have purchased the four books above, and have also read and annotated the required chapters. While reading the required texts I didn’t zoom through the material as fast as possible, I critically thought about the material that was being delivered to me. This is shown in my annotations because I didn’t just underline sentences, I wrote down thoughts that I was having at the time. For this section I give myself a score of 8/8.


 Days missed  Time span of class
 9/1/14  9/1/14-10/14/14

Score- 5/5

Group Meetings

I have attended every group meeting (on time), was engaged  throughout the whole meeting, helped group members in any way I could, and learned from group members in anyway I could.


Score- 5/5

Professionalism of Blog-

It could easily be said that my blog needs work before it could be categorized as a professional blog. However, I have completed close to all required aspects that were suppose to be incorporated in our blogs. This ranges from posting blogs, with multimodal texts , all the way to creating all the pages that we were suppose to create. I haven’t gone above and beyond with my blog, but  have met most requirements. It is clear that my blog isn’t top notch, and this is because my fellow scholars have set the bar high! Compared to what my fellow scholars have done, and what has been assigned by Bill Mangrum, I would grade my own blog as average, maybe even a high average. Go ahead and take a look for yourself!

Byron, Alex R.

Did you look at it? If not do it now, either to make yourself feel better about your own blog or see that yours isn’t even as professional as mine, In that case…. ouch! No more slacking!


(Stole this idea/ comparison from Chayse Romero)

Sorry Chayse, too good not to!

Score- 7/10

Class Time/ Critical Thinking

Class at 8:15 can be a serious struggle, but I have learned to wake up early enough to drink at least one cup of coffee!


With my added energy boost, I am able to come to class and fully participate.  I believe that everyday I have come to class engaged and prepared to critically think about whatever the subject may be. My only downfall in my class participation is that sometimes I will have an idea, and not shout it out because I am not sure if it is the “right” answer. Then it turns out that my answer is the answer that professor Mangrum has been hinting towards all along (this has happened a few times). So from here on out I am going to make a serious effort to share my quality thoughts with the class.

Why is it so important to participate in class discussions? I would argue that the main reason of why participation is so important is because we get to practice our critical thinking skills, which will be essential for all of us to use on a daily basis, for the rest of our lives. This is true for any field, but I would say it is especially important for my field, Geology. This is because when we use critical thinking, someone states what they believe to be true about a certain subject, everyone listens, and they someone else might respond with a counter argument in the form of a different perspective. This leads the other participants to reconsider their believes, and their own assumptions. I see this as the fundamentals of true learning, because instead of having knowledge shoved down your throat, you are able to get their using your own brain and on your own terms. This type of learning also teaches you to always reconsider what you previously believed to be true, because in any field of science, assumptions are the main restriction to progression of knowledge in that particular field. We are humans, we don’t know everything and if we aren’t ready to throw our assumptions away at a moments notice, then we will be stuck right were we are. If humans didn’t critically thing about certain ideas/subjects and throw previous assumptions away, we would still think that the Earth is flat.

Score- 8/10


Now lets talk about notes. Wow! I don’t think I have EVER taken this many notes in any class! At first I didn’t like the thought of writing EVERYTHING down, so I just wrote down what I believed to be important. However, as time went on I realized that I wasn’t writing down what I actually needed, and I changed that real quick. I began to write down close to everything in class, and it has been a huge benefit! Not only in this class, but in all my classes! I am a Geology major, and this skill is essential in our field! Writing everything down will makes ones data much more accurate, and the opposite is true for those who don’t write down everything they see. I am very grateful that I am learning this skill now, because it will make life much easier in the future! Here is a Youtube video on how to take better notes, but we all already know how to take the BEST notes! By writing EVERYTHING down!

How to Take Awesome Notes

Score- 5/5


 Categories  Points Earned  Points Possible
 Required Texts  5  5
 Attendance  4  5
 Group Meetings  5  5
 Professionalism of Blog  6  10
 Critical thinking  8  10
 Notes  4  5


Total:    32/40= 80%

What I Need to Work on:

  • Professionalism of blog
  • Incorporating my Major to other courses
  • Class Participation
  • Completing assignments on time









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  1. I believe that it is a good that you owned up to missing class and are taking responsibility to make a change. Your self assessment is very multimodal!

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