One Class All In Bullet Points

  • Fundamentals can make your papers bump up
  • “Sweat the details”
  • Pay attention to form, rules, and discipline
  • MLA format is like how football fields are arranged, there social agreements
  • Quit fighting against the rules of the game
  • “You don’t have to play the game, it’s a choice.”
  • You have to master the convention
  • As you move up your given authority
  • As you move up your afforded the privilege of challenging the conventions
  • All disciplines advance by being challenged
  • Are all conventions social?
  • In writing there are personal styles
  • Questions don’t equal resistence
  • Questions are age appropriate
  • Exigence
  • “Can’t change it until you master it, but challenge it on your way there” (Austin Pierpont)
  • Researcher papers are all the voices in your head going onto one paper
  • These conversations improve writing. Question, laugh, and talk
  • Scholars talk, think, and listen
  • Learning how to talk and think together
  • Rephrase what you hear

In class Monday we had a big class discussion about conventions, or rules. A convention is an agreement between people or a group about something, in this case rules. For example the dimensions of a football field are conventions because a group of people had to agree that those dimensions fit right for the game. In class we talked about how you should have to master something before being able to challenge it. For example, i can’t go change a rule in volleyball because i don;t know much about it, but someone who has been to the Olympics for volleyball has a better chance because they have mastered the sport. During this argument Austin Pierpont said something that stood out to me, he said “you can’t change it until you master it, but challenge it on your way there.” One person in class did a great job of this, Adelyn Mandeville. She questioned, or challenged, Bill and the point he made about mastering something. Bill went on to say that questions don’t equal resistance, but are actually a great thing. To end the discussion Bill finished and said that conversations like these help us improve our writing and that we should keep questioning, laughing, and talking.



Class discussions that happen in other classes but not in Bill’s!