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Adan Soto

Bill Mangrum

Comp 250/SEC 4

25 September 2014

In these articles I was looking for anything that I could connect to my major which is psychology. For example, things that have to do with the mind and or learning could all be connected.

  • “Body Language”- Body Language helps us read a person and kind of get a feeling for how that person is doing.
  • “Your bad grammar at work: what’s the problem?”- Language evolves all the time such as slang words, in psychology the idea of evolution is huge.
  • “The soccer mom”- Stereotypes, they are everywhere, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover ever.
  • “Let’s talk about gender, baby”- Gender is also pretty big in psychology because of the way the mind works sometimes people are born programmed backwards.
  • “Don’t call me homophobic: The complexity of ‘that’s so gay'”- People are always interested in whether or not people are gay by choice or if their born that way, they always look toward psychologist for the answer.
  • “How does language shape the way we think?”- Anytime learning is involved it has to do with the brain, which is always full of interest from people.
  • “Language and thought”- When we hear certain noises they all have a meaning to them, such as when you hear someone crying you automatically start to think something is wrong.
  • “Words are weapons”- In today’s world people are hurting themselves over what other people are saying to them, people don’t understand how much words can truly hurt someone.
  • “Experience: I can speak 50 languages”- The brains ability to do things like this is why it’s the most interesting but also what people know the least about.

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