I got 99 problems and the administration is one

  • Administration Values – The administration values the quantification of learning, such as canvas.
  • Community of scholars – As scholars we value; Friends, free time, romantic relationships, weekends, food, sleep, animals, family, jobs, and much much more.
  • Program area (writing) – Values engagement, ability to make an argument, to use supporting evidence, the ability to make a claim, and to make connections to your major.
  • Professor – Professors value personal responsibility for learning and self assessment.


Admin vs Scholar collision

      With all four audiences valuing different things this is an easy way for the audiences to butt heads. For example, the administration wants students to excel in school and spend 3 hours studying for every hour in class, but some students have sports and other activities going on and don’t have that kind of time to put in. Another example is that the administration wants numbers and doesn’t care about the effort made in a class, when professors care about self assessment and how much you tried in the class.



Bill also talked to us about how professors have to satisfy the needs of not only the administration (owner of the restaurant) but also the needs of the scholars ( the customers). They are put in a tough situation




One thought on “I got 99 problems and the administration is one

  1. I like the title it grabs your attention. So, how do you come to a balance between the the four groups ? Does one group happen to be more important then the others. Does their happen to be some sort of hierarchy?

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