Annotated Bibliography


Rondeau, Art. (2013). An inside look at the mental side of an NBA star returning from serious injury. Retrieved December, 2, 2014, from

This article is about a star NBA player struggling coming back from an injury but on the mental side of things instead of the physical side. In the article it talks about how he was injured in the 2012 season and didn’t come back in the 2013 season because of a lack of confidence. Then again in 2014 he has sprained both ankles and only played a few games.

This is a good source because it allows you to get into the mind of a star athlete when going through a serious injury. It is also a real life athlete struggling with this issue, which shows as an example for my views. He has completed his physical issues, now he has to heal mentally before returning to play how he used to.


Inspirational people – Adrian Peterson. (2013). Retrieved December 3, 2014, from

This article is about an all star running back and how he was able to have the remarkable season he had after going through such a serious injury. Also it touches on what his mentality was like while he was in the rehab process, he was extremely confident during the process.

This is a great source because it allows you to see the mindset of a player who is confident and was able to overcome the mental part of an injury. Also this article does a good job showing everyone out there that not only do you have to recover physically, but the mental part is huge and can be the last part to complete the rehab process.


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