Mental Strength

When athletes return from a serious injury they are physically ready to play but what happens in some cases, is they are not mentally ready to play. It all has to do with the confidence and the mind set of the athlete that they put towards their rehab and ultimately when he or she steps back into their field of play. I showed you two examples of just that, in the Derrick Rose case his confidence wasn’t very high because all he had in the back of his mind is every time he has stepped on the court in the past couple years, he’s left the game with some kind of injury. In Adrian Peterson’s story he was quoted in an interview saying that he knew he would have this kind of season as soon as he came out of surgery.



This confidence is what ultimately lead to his MVP season. By comparing these two examples, you can clearly see that their attitude can affect them in either a positive or negative way. They are both physically ready to play but Derrick Rose’s negative attitude and lack of confidence ultimately lead him to multiple injuries again, which on the other hand Peterson’s attitude lead him to success. When athletes have negative mind and emotional responses, such as a lack of confidence, it leads to negative physically reactions. Their body is tense and hesitant which causes them to get hurt again, and extends their fear even further than before. Overall lesson that athletes need to learn and adapt to, is to have a positive attitude to be just as successful as Adrian Peterson.

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