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When I hear the words research project I automatically think of endless hours in the library looking things up, but thanks to Bill we don’t have to do that. Our job is to research a question that has to do with our major and try to relate it to language like we have done with all the material we have had this year.


My major is Psychology and I hope to get into the field of Sports Psychology, being an athlete myself I feel closer to this area. Here are some questions I’ve came up with:

After a major injury athletes seem fine physically, but are they 100% mentally?

Motivation is a big factor in any aspect of life but especially in sports, in pro football the athletes get paid to “go to work” but college athletes don’t. What motivates the pros is the money, what motivates the college athletes is school pride and the opportunity of one day being paid to do what they love. I want to know who more motivation, the ones already getting paid, or the ones who are still working towards that?

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  1. This is a great question. From personal experience, an athlete does not return to the game 100% mentally until constant repetition of the actual sport. When I tore my ACL playing football, I returned but I was first timid to make the same moves that I made before I hurt my knee. It took me a while to get my athletic confidence back to the levels they were at before I got injured.

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