Self Assessment 2 (Final)




To me an affordance is something given to you that can be used to enhance your learning. This semester in Bill’s class he has given us plenty of affordances to help my fellow scholars and I be successful in his class.

Affordance scale:

  1. Didn’t do it at all
  2. Did some of it
  3. Did all of itcartoon-images-for-computerscomputers-and-consumer-basics-eqjbbhwa[1]

Blogging. Score 3.  When it comes to blogging I gave myself a 3 because every time I was asked to blog or update something on the blog I did it right away. Also I gave myself this score because I’m a huge fan of the blogging and I think it’s better than writing, therefore I put more of an effort into my posts and making sure my posts are as multimodal as possible.

Celebration of Student Writing. Score 3. I gave myself a 3 for this affordance because I showed up prepared and ready to present to anybody. The biggest reason I gave myself a 3 is because I went upstairs and showed my project from my laptop to a few of my friends who needed to interview someone. So even though I couldn’t present in our assigned room I still found a way to show off my project.

Blogathon. Score 3. I found the blogathon very easy to IMG_2995score a 3 on because to me it was fun experience and would love to be able to do things like that more often. I gave myself a 3 because I showed up and made connections with scholars from other classes and also posted a picture on my blog of the event.

Comment on others work. Score 2. I deserve the score of a 2 because although I took the time to look at others pages, I didn’t leave any comments or suggestions for any scholars. Leaving comments is a great way to engage with other scholars and help improve each others writing and I didn’t take full advantage of the opportunity.

Research Project on the blog. Score 3. I loved the fact that we were able to do our nowriteopaque[1]research projects on our blogs because it allowed me to show the readers more things than I would’ve been able to with a paper. I feel I deserve a 3 because I completed the project and I also used multimodal writing with hyperlinking, using pictures, and using videos.

Access to classmates. Score 3. I think I deserve a high grade for phone[1]this affordance because when I missed a class or needed something cleared up I immediately texted Anna Chambers, Jessie Murillo, and Jordan Benton and they were able to help me every time. Also I would text them on weekends asking to hangout, so I built relationships with them outside of the classroom.

Independent Blog Days. Score 2. For independent blog days I would give myself a 2 because although I would complete the task that was given to me, it wouldn’t be during our class time. I would find some other time in the day to finish the task.

Peer Review In Class. Score 2. I would give myself a score of 2 because the day we did peer review in class I didn’t bring in a paragraph for my classmates to review but I still was able to comment on others scholars paragraphs, therefore I was still able to participate in class.

Blog Rolls. Score 3. I would give myself the highest grade for blog rolls because I have the blog roll for both classes on my page and I visit my classmates blogs often. I use the blog roll to navigate to another scholars page much faster, and also that easy access allows me to get ideas from other scholars. Also I use the blog roll to help me hyperlink to my classmates blogs quickly.

KP coming in to speak to us. Score 1. I gave myself a 1 because although I was there physically I was not there mentally. To be honest I didn’t pay attention much when she was talking because I found it boring. Also I didn’t ask any questions because I didn’t come to class prepared with questions like we were asked to do.

Building Personal Relationships. Score 3. Building relationships1_r2_c1[1] was easy for me because our class is so easy to talk to and get along with. I built closer friendships with some classmates than others and that friendship made it easier for me to ask them a questions instead of asking the class as a whole.

Don’t have to take a final. Score 3. I love the fact that we don’t have to take a final in this class because I am not a very good test taker because I tend to get nervous on tests. Also I like it because it allows me to put all my effort into my self assessment but also gives me more time to study for my finals that I have in other[1]

Note Taking. Score 3. Every class I show up and take out my pen and paper and prepare to write down everything Bill says. I give myself a 3 because I take notes in class and they really help me when I need something cleared up. Also Bill explains everything in detail and step by step so if you write it down you shouldn’t have a problem doing what he assigns.



Collaboration. Score 3. I deserve the score of a 3 because I look at other peoples blogs all the time and take little things from everyone and put my own spin on it. I use collaboration mainly when I’m having trouble with how to start something, other peoples blogs give me lots of ideas. Another example of my collaboration is at the blogathon I was able to talk to lots of people from different classes not just mine.

Actual Class Time. Score 2. I feel like a 2 fits perfect for me because although I was in class and taking notes all the time, I hardly would join in on the discussions we had in class. The only times I would join in is when Bill would call on me and I feel like this is what knocked my grade down from a 3 to a 2.6a91c6f48f66f1ff8e036e27e00efd4a[1]

Cupcakes! Score 3. I deserve a 3 because every time Amber would bring in cupcakes I would eat all of mine. Also on days that we had food I would tend to be more focused or motivated to pay attention in class.

reportcard[1]All in all, if you look at my overall body of work I truly believe I deserve an A in this course. It can be a Solid A or an A- but I did everything to the best of my ability, and if you look at my self assessment I have only one score of a 1, with a sprinkle of 2’s in there. This shows that I was on task and did everything I was asked to do.




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