The Call of Science

Throughout my entire life I have enjoyed hiking, fishing, skiing, almost anything that gets me away from civilization. Yet it is not the act of getting out and away from civilization that I like most. It is being able to see and name every lizard or snake I see, it is understanding how a fish is able to find food in a raging river, or how a bear metabolizes food, it is the science behind the world that I love most. That love for science opens a lot of doors for what I can do, but I love all of the sciences not just one. That is why I want to major as an environmental biologist. I admit biology is my favorite science, life is such and amazing phenomenon and I would enjoy being able to study it for as long as I can. Yet, I love the other sciences to much to only focus on one area. An environmental biologist studies how the world around us interacts and effects life. They need to know chemistry to understand how animals metabolize, or how pollution effects an ecosystem. They have to understand how different plants and animals effect the overall quality of an ecosystem. Even astronomy is important, because the moon and tides can effect the behavior of different animals. We need to understand every biotic and abiotic factor and how they effect an environment. We do not focus on just one science because only understanding one science limits how much we can actually learn about an environment. As an environmental biologist I would have the opportunity to conserve the natural world, but I would also be able to help create ways of coexisting with other species. I understand that cities will continue to grow, and that if humans are going to survive we need to take better care of the planet. As an environmental biologist I would have a direct impact on finding ways to coexist with the natural world, and that is what my biggest dream is. To live in a world where we are able to coexist with the world around us.