Although I do love the game of basketball, I recognize that I cannot effectively engage in just a normal conversation about it. So this has led me to want to change my topic to something that isn’t as closed as just basketball. This blog will be undergoing drastic changes and probably will be completely removed from the topic of basketball. Hopefully to a topic that can be more engaging and beneficial to me.

Against the Mold

In today’s game, the new play style adopted by many teams is the concept of “small-ball.” This new style of play is putting all your best players on the floor despite if they fit the normal positional system of point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. The most popular position to change is the power forward/ small forward position. The leaders in this change are the 2 time NBA champions the Miami Heat. Teams that have obviously followed the small ball system have been the San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks, Boston Celtics and the Atlanta Hawks. meanwhile the Detroit Pistons have stuck to the traditional position system and playing their best players AT those positions. With their line up they have a imposing height and strength advantage with their front line. (SF,PF,C)  When a league is moving towards a new style of play, the Pistons are swimming against the current hoping to achieve victory that way.


Tonight the Lakers stunned the Clippers in a 116-103 win. Mostly in part to a huge lift from their bench players playing the entire 4th quarter of the game. which leads me to the main point i’m trying to make. Kobe Bryant needs to be patient with his return to the Lakers. Although it is just one game into the season. without the starters playing it shows they have a potential to maintain a decent level of play without Kobe. Derrick Rose stayed a full season sidelined even though he was cleared. Kobe returning to a team that is already playing good, that is scary. Be patient Kobe, and return when you are 100% to dominate the league like you do.

Tip Off Around The Corner

Sports. Unfortunately for me. I lived in an area where a multitude of sport activities was not offered to me. I had cross country, wrestling, and basketball. Thus I never grew a real interest or appreciation of any sport other than basketball. Everyone I knew, was all about basketball. Everything else was just kind of there. Everyone has their team, mine was Detroit. Simply because my family is from Michigan. In just over a week now, the National Basketball Association (NBA) will be tipping off the start of the season. And for this basketball junkie excitement is a gross understatement.

Ever been a fan of a team, and they werern’t terrible. But they weren’t even decent. Just in that enigma that is mediocrity? That fan was myself. Being a follower of the Detroit Pistons has been challenging the past  5 years(years since the team has made the playoffs). But the horizon seems to be getting brighter. With moves that brought a borderline all-star Josh Smith and controversial point guard Brandon Jennings. This season is already off to a good start. The team is certainly not proven to be anything special yet. But the excitement of a playoff berth is the best news any fan can ask for, especially if it means no more agonizing criticism for being a fan of the Detroit Pistons.

This season has many questions. Can anyone stop the juggernaut that is the Miami Heat. Will Derrick Rose return to his former MVP self after a year of rest from a torn ACL. Will Kobe Bryant recover from his fractured Achilles Tendon fast enough to carry his Laker team to the playoffs. Who will lose the most games this season and get the prized #1 pick for Andrew Wiggins of Kansas University. Will Dwight Howard be able to win in Houston.  And the most important question to me how well will the Pistons do in the playoffs. If they make the playoffs. One things for sure its going to be a good season. The NBA is BIG