Although I do love the game of basketball, I recognize that I cannot effectively engage in just a normal conversation about it. So this has led me to want to change my topic to something that isn’t as closed as just basketball. This blog will be undergoing drastic changes and probably will be completely removed from the topic of basketball. Hopefully to a topic that can be more engaging and beneficial to me.

5 thoughts on “Topic

  1. Why is basketball not as engaging as you had first thought? Plus what drives your next topic? What is the difference? What engages the conversation? The audience or the topic? Where are you presenting your forum? Maybe if you brought out some unique perspectives about basketball?

  2. Bradley, I think if you want to keep it along the line of athletics then you could just change the title and have it talk about the sports that you can carry out a good conversation on like football, soccer, baseball, etc. This is just my opinion and you can do what you wish just thought it was good up to here.

  3. Basketball was just my first thought and I honestly was not sure what i expected from this blog. And Shane those are precisely the questions i’m hoping to answer with my next topic whatever it be. I probably am not going to keep it along the lines of athletics, but thanks everyone for the input I appreciate it alot!

  4. Hopefully a topic will come to you that you can truly engage in while still having a bit of fun. Staying in the field of sports, you could blog about the many extreme/alternative sports scholars around campus participate in. With Durango being such an active environment, there might be more information which will allow you to go more in depth with your posts. Ultimate frisbee or the different types of climbing could make for some great stories. Of course, it is up to you and I will be interested in what you choose. Good luck on the search Bradley.

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