Rhetoric Of Blogging


This blog targets anyone interested in reading my thoughts on the game of basketball. game recaps, news, rumors and any activity from through out the National Basketball Association season. My thoughts on certain players/teams. Specifically the team Detroit Pistons being my favorite team and one I’ll be watching near religiously.


I’m blogging about basketball because it has been a large portion of my life. Coming to college I “lost” a part of me by not playing in organized basketball. This will be the second year I will be away from my sport, and this blog gives me a door to discuss and continue my passion of being involved in the sport in some way or form. Just because you aren’t on a team anymore does not mean you have to give up on something that you love.


Being a mostly visual blog, meaning my posts will be of games I’ve watched or news I’ve read, there will be something information or games that slip between my fingers. Given the league pass restrictions, I am only able to watch 5 teams live via broadband, or what games I see on television. I will do to the best of my ability to keep up on “major” news and actions through the season.


I’d love to hear what you think of all my posts on the blog whether it be a game recap if it was good, or if the news was impact full enough to blog about. If you would like me to pick up and follow one of your favorite teams and blog about them I will gladly take on the challenge. If there is any improvements to be made please be vocal and I will look to act on those improvements.

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