Man and Technology

How do we distinguish mankind from the rest of the animals that ‘god’ created on this earth? A good starting point would be that mankind has lost the instinct which all other animals possess to take simply what is needed from nature to survive. Instead we humans, since our existential beginning have consumed more than what we need in order to shape our nature disconnected future. Bears don’t eat every salmon in the stream just to show that they are king shit, they take what they need!  For gods sake we have been invading each others territories and waging war on one another ever since our beginning in order to gain more power. Do you see Hippos fighting each other for any other reason than to impress a female counterpart?  Hunger for a lion means taking down a water buffalo to feed his pride for a week and no more, and when he needs more he hunts what he needs. Hunger for a human family means going to the grocery store and buying $300 worth of groceries to have food for a month. This idea of taking more than what we need to survive has long existed in humans as evidenced by the slaughter of American Buffalo in Western culture to provide fur for coats. I mean who gives a shit about the buffalo when we need to have good fashion sense right? Reliance on our ability to create tools and technology to aid our survival has also lead to our vast difference from all other animals. Ever since those hairy bipedal cave dwellers created fire to stay warm, or spears to hunt for food, we have become more and more disconnected from the earth we were once a part of. I know we don’t have claws to hunt or fur to stay warm, but come on people do we need grenade rifles to properly hunt? or $5 million homes to stay alive? No, we create this stuff just for the sake of being the smartest and most powerful beings. Humans have this dire urge to make life better and easier, even at the cost of the natural world around us. I mean for gods sake the 21st century allows our fat asses to order food from our phone 10 miles away from the nearest food source without even having to stand up. Scientific and technological advancement has long distinguished mankind from the rest of the natural world and all for the sake of making life easier. The 21st century is now the precipice of human laziness, and genius all at the same time. Yes, yes we have developed smart phones, Wi-Fi, space ships, and countless other mind-blowing technologies. But how much of this do we actually need? And how much of this is just fluff to make us that much lazier? God knows that every smart phone wielding dumb ass would be lost if they had to go a week without such a device. Throw a man into the jungle with the bare essentials of survival, and I tell you he would be dead in a week without his smartphone.