Control, how much control do we really have?

This morning I was watching ‘Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman’ and they were talking about how do we control our brains and how others can also HACK our brains. Now with this in your head do yo think that english class are hacking into our minds with them telling us what is the correct way to write a paper or how the sentence structor should be. In my opinion I think so but it because english classes are so focused on the correct way that there is a resistance to writing.

What do you think?

My Learning This Summer in COMP 150

Before this class I had already knew how to construct papers but now I’ve learned that what I was really doing was reporting. Reporting- giving a spoken or written account on something that has been investigated, done, herd and observed. I had done nothing but reporting in high school and it wasn’t till my senior year that I had to think about my audience and if they had the knowledge that I had.

Now when i entered COMP 150 I thought it was going to be a review course on how to cite, how to use quotes and to just follow the book. But to my surprise it was completely different. Sure we had to read the book but it was mostly out of class and then IN class we reflected on what we read. By taking it apart, finding the meaning of the text and understanding what was being conveyed to us. Really interesting indeed.

Now the assignments were based on applying what the book ‘Writing About Writing A College Reader’ that informed us on Conventions, Rhetoric and Threshold. Before learning about these I had never thought of how our lives were tied to these. . . .

Public Writing

Hey everyone, this is Little Hopi here and Im blogging from the Mac lab in Noble Hall.

Ok as the post title for today is Public Writing. There are many forms of public writing such as this blog, twitter, Facebook and open fiction writing online, but the given examples are that of the digital form. What is the purpose of making sound in these places? To inform others what you are doing, feeling, or where you are at? But on this blog, for me it is to get you thinking and to inform you on my thoughts, you don’t have to comment below however then what is the point of asking questions. Blogging is very interesting because what you post there are different verity of replies in return, an this has taught me to consider what i should post and what questions to ask, before i have never done this before. So thank you.

Okay so back to public writing, public writing can be used in different ways that can help the writer themselves and there are writers that help the audience. Now I would like you to think writers as knowledge makers, so what kind of knowledge maker are you? And what makes it so? 

Thinking About Anything

There was this show, I cant remember the name of the show, but it told how things came to be. It was interesting because it told how language came to be and many more. But I had never thought about how things came to be the way there are now. In this show, I guess, it was an overall history lesson. How language was created, why people have flat/sharp teeth and many more. But what I want to  know from you is, what are the reasons that you do the things you do and why is that we have not noticed this before?



Referring to my post above, I would like to continue on how language was created. Humans in some areas did not have language in the terms of words, sentences, or meaning, but in other areas there were people that had created their own language. This show was saying that the people that had created their language were able to do so, was because of cattle. CATTLE!! Can you believe it, cattle was the main reason that language was created.

Now you may think “what is cattle got to do with language?”, I also thought the same thing, but I you didn’t ask yourself this question that’s fine. When I think of cattle, I picture the tame animals of today, however, back then cattle were very dangerous and just wild, plain and simple as that. But because they were dangerous and wild, people started to use sound and signals to hunt these animals, then later on they started to tame and breed the wild cattle so that there was a less life threatening food source.

I think it’s a pretty interesting thing that simple necessities were able to create our everyday sounds. What are your thoughts on this and what are your thoughts on how language was created?



What I mean about mirror is that you in your own mind are always thinking about looks and such things. But what I think about a mirror now is that of our lives. Mirrors reflect things, be it light, images, and heat, however, to me it reflects actions, memories and progress. I have done many reflections in my life but they were in the more informal sense of reflection. Now for me to do a formal reflection is hard because everyone has their own opinion of how they are. Its interesting that when a more formal reflection is done people have a hard time giving an answer, even I do it, but its easy for us to do an informal reflection as well because sometimes the reflection is very personal/important to that person.

How do you view reflection and why is it like that? Its a very bold topic I guess but you can make comments related to this topic below.



Citations can be hard and no i don’t mean citations from the law. What I’m talking about is citations that are involved in papers and so on. Theses are very important because without these, you are charge with plagiarism, which could cost you your education or accountability in others. To prevent these its best to use books such as Easy Writer, The MLA Handbook or Writing for College. Each of these books help with papers for MLA and/or APA, with the given conventions for the paper outline and citations.


Research is can be a frustrating topic, especially when your topic has very few resources. But the source to search for your information, as a scholar, would be your institutions library. There is a wide variety of resources that could be of some use to you and sorting is also easy. Then if the institution does not have your sources, it would be best to use the links below to assist you in you search. These links are very useful because there are no add and tracking on what you are looking for.


I don’t know about you but when I miss classes and you have to take notes, I would rather not take notes from other people.  I don’t know what it is but having to copy others notes is a bit sketch to me because I’m not sure if the got the really important information down. My note taking is like paragraphs and lists, lists are for when others are talking and the paragraph is  when someone has a lot to say.

How do you take note and are you the same way as me when missing a course?

Using Sources/Quotes

When using sources or quotes do you understand them? Most times when you are assigned a paper and are told to have sources or quotes, I think that scholars feel that type of paper is hard. I also thought like that because I’ve never done such a thing before. As I started typing assignments, the sources and quotes that I had used were just tossed in to fill up space. It worked but then the assignment is more of a chore. By my senior year in high school, we were given the choice to choose our own topic of interest. The best thing about this ,was that my assignment made me feel like I was informing the reader on what made my topic of choice interesting. The sources that I had used were always question by me, like; Does this support what I am trying to say? How can I use this? I like this sentence but will my reader understand what it means? So I think questions your sources helps you and your assignment.

What do you think?


English, composition, writing  what ever you want to call it, I was never really good at it or I just didn’t fell confident in it. But I guess in high school the non-English class that I have taken did have text in them, such as math, graphic design, art and web design. But a substitute teacher told me that “math is composition, where in math there are symbols that make us work the equation, but for compositions it’s structure. And that algebra was created when math and English go together and had a baby.” So in my mind I thought math was my strongest point and English being the weakest, but on test scores its the opposite. When this happens

Memorial Day

Okay here we go, or I go,

Today is memorial day so, after class Dyllon and I went back to Mears apartments. We played games for about an hour, we were both hungry, so we went to the store to buy some spam. (all native huh?) Then I thought about my family back home having a cookout so instead of just buying spam, I told Dyllon I wanted to cookout and we did. An after we had finished cooking Dyllon and his roommate were talking out their day yesterday.

So I guess todays blog is about rhetoric’s five characteristics; Situation, Motivation, Interaction, Epistemic and Contingent