I don’t know about you but when I miss classes and you have to take notes, I would rather not take notes from other people.  I don’t know what it is but having to copy others notes is a bit sketch to me because I’m not sure if the got the really important information down. My note taking is like paragraphs and lists, lists are for when others are talking and the paragraph is  when someone has a lot to say.

How do you take note and are you the same way as me when missing a course?

Using Sources/Quotes

When using sources or quotes do you understand them? Most times when you are assigned a paper and are told to have sources or quotes, I think that scholars feel that type of paper is hard. I also thought like that because I’ve never done such a thing before. As I started typing assignments, the sources and quotes that I had used were just tossed in to fill up space. It worked but then the assignment is more of a chore. By my senior year in high school, we were given the choice to choose our own topic of interest. The best thing about this ,was that my assignment made me feel like I was informing the reader on what made my topic of choice interesting. The sources that I had used were always question by me, like; Does this support what I am trying to say? How can I use this? I like this sentence but will my reader understand what it means? So I think questions your sources helps you and your assignment.

What do you think?


English, composition, writing  what ever you want to call it, I was never really good at it or I just didn’t fell confident in it. But I guess in high school the non-English class that I have taken did have text in them, such as math, graphic design, art and web design. But a substitute teacher told me that “math is composition, where in math there are symbols that make us work the equation, but for compositions it’s structure. And that algebra was created when math and English go together and had a baby.” So in my mind I thought math was my strongest point and English being the weakest, but on test scores its the opposite. When this happens

Memorial Day

Okay here we go, or I go,

Today is memorial day so, after class Dyllon and I went back to Mears apartments. We played games for about an hour, we were both hungry, so we went to the store to buy some spam. (all native huh?) Then I thought about my family back home having a cookout so instead of just buying spam, I told Dyllon I wanted to cookout and we did. An after we had finished cooking Dyllon and his roommate were talking out their day yesterday.

So I guess todays blog is about rhetoric’s five characteristics; Situation, Motivation, Interaction, Epistemic and Contingent