Using Sources/Quotes

When using sources or quotes do you understand them? Most times when you are assigned a paper and are told to have sources or quotes, I think that scholars feel that type of paper is hard. I also thought like that because I’ve never done such a thing before. As I started typing assignments, the sources and quotes that I had used were just tossed in to fill up space. It worked but then the assignment is more of a chore. By my senior year in high school, we were given the choice to choose our own topic of interest. The best thing about this ,was that my assignment made me feel like I was informing the reader on what made my topic of choice interesting. The sources that I had used were always question by me, like; Does this support what I am trying to say? How can I use this? I like this sentence but will my reader understand what it means? So I think questions your sources helps you and your assignment.

What do you think?