Citations can be hard and no i don’t mean citations from the law. What I’m talking about is citations that are involved in papers and so on. Theses are very important because without these, you are charge with plagiarism, which could cost you your education or accountability in others. To prevent these its best to use books such as Easy Writer, The MLA Handbook or Writing for College. Each of these books help with papers for MLA and/or APA, with the given conventions for the paper outline and citations.

2 thoughts on “Citations

  1. I think it is interesting how you specify that you are not talking about citations from the law, but then you say how you can get “charged with plagiarism.” The two uses of the word citation are closer than we notice!

  2. Citations from the law are easier than doing citations for a paper. A citation may be expensive but citing sources can be hard, as we found out on Friday; even with us all working together it was complicated. Even with the book as a guide we all came up with a different citation. The book “Easy Writer”, is helpful though.

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