Referring to my post above, I would like to continue on how language was created. Humans in some areas did not have language in the terms of words, sentences, or meaning, but in other areas there were people that had created their own language. This show was saying that the people that had created their language were able to do so, was because of cattle. CATTLE!! Can you believe it, cattle was the main reason that language was created.

Now you may think “what is cattle got to do with language?”, I also thought the same thing, but I you didn’t ask yourself this question that’s fine. When I think of cattle, I picture the tame animals of today, however, back then cattle were very dangerous and just wild, plain and simple as that. But because they were dangerous and wild, people started to use sound and signals to hunt these animals, then later on they started to tame and breed the wild cattle so that there was a less life threatening food source.

I think it’s a pretty interesting thing that simple necessities were able to create our everyday sounds. What are your thoughts on this and what are your thoughts on how language was created?