What I mean about mirror is that you in your own mind are always thinking about looks and such things. But what I think about a mirror now is that of our lives. Mirrors reflect things, be it light, images, and heat, however, to me it reflects actions, memories and progress. I have done many reflections in my life but they were in the more informal sense of reflection. Now for me to do a formal reflection is hard because everyone has their own opinion of how they are. Its interesting that when a more formal reflection is done people have a hard time giving an answer, even I do it, but its easy for us to do an informal reflection as well because sometimes the reflection is very personal/important to that person.

How do you view reflection and why is it like that? Its a very bold topic I guess but you can make comments related to this topic below.


2 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. Wow! That is beautifully said Bianca! A more formal reflection forces us to have to slow down and truly look in the mirror if we want to give an honest voice to the act of our reflecting.

  2. Bianca,

    First, I would like to mention that I appreciate how you talk about life and memories often. In class, you always share parts of your life in relation to the subject of discussion. I really enjoy how you are relating what is personal to you to the topics of our COMP 150 course. Seeing how you break down walls between “real life” and the classroom inspires me and makes it easier to gain knowledge.

    I think that reflection is what you make of it. If one is to stand in the mirror and see their reflection, the experience is entirely up to them. They can choose to see all their flaws, they can choose to see their own beauty, they can choose to see what they want to improve, etc. It is often what we feel that distorts what we see… Stepping away from the idea of the mirror though, to reflect, as in the action, to me means much more than what we feel. It is the act of finding meaning in the past. I think it is very important to reflect, because this is where we make memories and learn.

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