My Learning This Summer in COMP 150

Before this class I had already knew how to construct papers but now I’ve learned that what I was really doing was reporting. Reporting- giving a spoken or written account on something that has been investigated, done, herd and observed. I had done nothing but reporting in high school and it wasn’t till my senior year that I had to think about my audience and if they had the knowledge that I had.

Now when i entered COMP 150 I thought it was going to be a review course on how to cite, how to use quotes and to just follow the book. But to my surprise it was completely different. Sure we had to read the book but it was mostly out of class and then IN class we reflected on what we read. By taking it apart, finding the meaning of the text and understanding what was being conveyed to us. Really interesting indeed.

Now the assignments were based on applying what the book ‘Writing About Writing A College Reader’ that informed us on Conventions, Rhetoric and Threshold. Before learning about these I had never thought of how our lives were tied to these. . . .