Public Writing

Hey everyone, this is Little Hopi here and Im blogging from the Mac lab in Noble Hall.

Ok as the post title for today is Public Writing. There are many forms of public writing such as this blog, twitter, Facebook and open fiction writing online, but the given examples are that of the digital form. What is the purpose of making sound in these places? To inform others what you are doing, feeling, or where you are at? But on this blog, for me it is to get you thinking and to inform you on my thoughts, you don’t have to comment below however then what is the point of asking questions. Blogging is very interesting because what you post there are different verity of replies in return, an this has taught me to consider what i should post and what questions to ask, before i have never done this before. So thank you.

Okay so back to public writing, public writing can be used in different ways that can help the writer themselves and there are writers that help the audience. Now I would like you to think writers as knowledge makers, so what kind of knowledge maker are you? And what makes it so?