Observing A Different Class

Recently I’ve learned in Composition 250 how to take notes about the content of a class and to observe the culture of the class. This sounds a little different than normal classes, and it is. It is a strange to observe the people, smells, relationships and feelings that occur in class. To take this skill away from Comp 250 and apply it to another class is what we were assigned to do. Currently I am not in any classes that directly relate to my major, but I am in a class that is for my minor. ML-116: Intermediate Spanish II, is a class that operates significantly differently then Mangrum’s Comp class.

During class on February 12th, I decided to record my observations during my regular Spanish class. María Sperra is my Spanish teacher and is what I imagine of a Spanish teacher. She is a jolly, kind older woman with a seasoned teaching career and typical teaching style. Most of the class is a lecture with mixed partner and class activities. We have six boys and eight women in my class. This makes for the smallest class I’ve had yet. Each person sits in the exact same seat since the first day. Seats are not assigned. In addition to this, each scholar works in the same group of two to three students for each group activity. Unlike Comp 250, I do not know everyone’s name. The class is not nearly as positive and outgoing either. Instead of learning from other scholars, nearly all information comes from our book and teacher. One thing that has surprised me is that Señora Sperra still uses an overhead projector. I don’t believe I have seen an overhead projector used in class since I was in middle school. It is interesting to observe and compare the differences from Intermediate Spanish II to Composition 250.

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A Quick Introduction

Welcome to my new blog for Composition 250/ SEC 7. My name is Ben Custer, I am the creator and author of this blog. Throughout my posts, I will be focusing on my major and related topics. My major is Business Administration – Tourism and Hospitality option. On top of that, I hope to graduate with a minor in Spanish to help set me up for a specifically desired career path. After my time at Fort Lewis College, I plan to use my degree to help me achieve the best, realistic job I have thought of yet. In my future I hope to work for, or manage, a resort or hotel south of the United States of America. A dream of mine is to help run and improve a raft company in Central or South America in the summer months and then travel to Chile during the winter to work at a ski resort. I am aware that these are high hopes but if I shoot for the best and fail, I may still end up teaching surf lessons on a beach. Even that kind of failure would be alright with me. All of my different options will hopefully be better than staying in America and running an interior and exterior painting company like my father did. Another scenario I have imagined is that if traveling isn’t right for me, then a Business degree in Tourism and Hospitality will benefit me finding a job at a ski resort in Colorado. With this career choice, I see many outcomes that are pleasing to me.

The reason that I am attracted to the idea of managing a resort in South or Central America is because the benefits. If I could get off of work and sit on a beach, while also having the weekends to explore a different culture, I would enjoy my life. Secondly, people on vacation are usually happy, relaxed, and enjoying life, these are the people I want to work with and surround myself by. Lastly I would enjoy getting involved with a new culture and experiencing a new style of life. Simplicity is something I enjoy and something common in underprivileged areas. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what I plan to do with my major and an overview of my goals.