Conceptions and Misconceptions About Writing: 29 September 2014



Writing About Writing, pg. 4-5

1) Misconception: There is a set of grammar rules that should be used on all writing.

1) Conception: The rules of writing vary with the context of the writing like who is reading, the purpose, why are you writing, and what you’re writing about.


2) Misconception: You can write without passing yourself into the paper.

2) Conception: When you write something, you are putting it down the way that you understand the information.


3) Misconception: A text has a set meaning.

3) Conception: When reading a text, everyone who reads it has their own understanding.


4) Misconception: It is possible to write objectively without adding any personal style.

4) Conception: Everything about writing is personal like the words you choose, because you learn from past writings.


5) Misconception: Differentiating between your own writing and another’s writings is easy.

5) Conception: You can’t avoid using language and ideas that have come from others, but when you use another’s writing you must make a citation.


6) Misconception: To be a good writer you must use proper grammar.

6) Conception: Proper grammar is used so a paper is easier to understand, but to be a good writer your paper must have good content.



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