Connections between my Geology Major and my Class Notes: 22 September 2014


In today’s class, our topic of focus was making claims. What is making a claim? Well, when you state something you are making a claim. To back up the claims you make, you need evidence proving that the claim you stated was true. So, all day everyday people make claims and then support the claims they made.

What does making claims have to do with geology? In the geology field, I will be studying rocks. I will need to identify any rocks I find. If I pick up a piece of limestone and claim “This rock is limestone,” I am going to have to prove it. There needs to be evidence to back up my statement. This could be done by comparing the rock to another limestone rock or I could analyze the rock’s mineral composition.

The reason that making claims and then proving them to be true is important in geology is because geology is a science. In science, you can’t just take things at face value. You have to dig deeper to find the truth, so we can know what the Earth was like in the past.

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