My Class Experience: 24 September 2014


We sat in a big circle at the front of the classroom today. Ben Miller and Eljin Gorman were sitting on either side of me. Bill started off the class by saying “What’s about not even trying?” To answer Bill’s question, the class began a discussion of the definition of try. We all looked around at each other while thinking of the definition. Then we went around the group circle and everyone said what they thought the definition of try was. Everyone seemed to have a different meaning of the word try. The words pursue and attempt came up a few times when describing the definition. Although, Bill claimed that “to pursue something sounds different than trying something.” I realized that it was hard to obtain a clear definition of the word try.

Bill figured that between all the class members we had 279 years of education. Still we couldn’t come to an agreed definition of try, because as Bill said “We have been socialized to not think”. The meaning of a word depends of the context it is used in and the facial expression used when the word is said.

I decided that the definition of try to me is: To attempt to achieve a set task.

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