Reflection of group meeting: 19 September 2014


Today, I met with my group which consisted of Tyler, John, Katie, and Jennelle. We decided to meet in the lobby outside of our normal class room. I wasn’t happy about this, because there are no computers in this lobby. I do not have a laptop. I would have preferred to meet in the library or a computer lab, but the rest of my group insisted on meeting in this spot. I think that it is easier to use a desktop computer when you are in a group.┬áKatie brought her laptop with her. After everyone arrived, we all stared at each other asking what we were to do. Katie started up her computer. Katie then checked her email and then read the email Bill sent. I felt we weren’t accomplishing anything so I left. Next time our group meets, I think that we should convene at either the library or a computer lab, so we can use two desktop┬ácomputers.

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