My Class Experience: 27 October 2014


I arrived to class late today. When I entered the class room, it was quite, which was very unusual because normally there is noise from the class discussion, which should have been in full motion already. All my classmates had their heads down facing their notebooks and their hands were busily scribbling into their spirals. My eyes wandered toward Bill who was standing at the podium located towards the front of the class room. Bill responded to my questioning eyes by telling me to write about anything I wanted in my spiral with one exception; I had to writing continually for ten minutes. Although I had already missed part of that time, I sat down, took out my notebook, and began writing words on my paper.

I managed to write a whole paragraph concerning the weather and my dog before Bill told the class to stop writing. The class was told to switch seats and then we were given three topics, which were our left foot, candy, and the end of the world, to write about. My mind locked onto the first topic, our left foot, and I started thinking about what I could write. I wasn’t very creative with this topic. I wrote about my sock and shoe that was on my left foot at the time. I connected the star on my shoe with Texas, the Lone Star state, and from there I poorly transitioned to the topic of candy. Then I made a jump to the topic, the end of the world.

After the writing time was up, Bill asked a few people to come to the front of the room and read their stories. Bill was surprised that many of us wrote about each topic separately instead of using all the topics in one story. I found it hard to relate the topics to one another, since the topics were so different and didn’t seem to have any connections. But that was the point of the exercise; to make connections and build relationships.


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