1 October 2014

  • When reading, write out questions in the margins
  • You own a book when you write in it
  • Exigence is the need or reason
  • You say something because of a need
  • It is not just a need but a need that gives rise to something
  • Not exigence unless it has the need to be fixed by some means of communication
  • Making an observation “It is raining” is not an exigence
  • In the situation, “I need shoes in my size” the question “What size” has the exigence, which is size
  • Raising hand is an occasion for the speaker to call on you
  • Words accomplish things
  • Exigence need gives rise to rhetoric address that can be improved by communication
  • If it is not then it is an observation
  • It is not possible to write without yourself
  • We are human and we take things in
  • What you are saying and what they are hearing is constructing meaning together

Exigence is the reason behind communication. An exigence is not the same as an observation. You can’t remove yourself from your writings. When the reader is hearing what you are saying, you are making meaning together.

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