1 September 2014

  • Write everything down.
  • Scholars take notes and gather data for research.
  • Jared, Molly, Ben, Joey, Katie.
  • Non-graded paper due on Wednesday
  • You should work hard and have diligence even though it is not graded
  • You should work hard to get better not for money or to be the best
  • The act of writing is an act of composing yourself for the world, so you can be understood
  • Drew Laramie said “If you resist you waste a bunch of money.”
  • Research is about bringing your mind to the moment you’re in
  • Writing is a physical activity
  • Brilliance is about your brain and the people sitting next to you
  • You learn more from your peers that you learn from your professors
  • Take notes when other people are talking
  • Claire Giannaula is writing on the board
  • Tyler Scott said “People might be thinking about what others are writing down to see if they are getting the right information. People might be uncomfortable or stress. I am somewhat stressed.”
  • Molly Appel agreed that people feel stressed
  • Tip 1: Learn to expand new connections and concepts to new audiences
  • Don’t repeat the same thing to fill the page in writing
  • The Thesauruses is not your friend
  • Bill will ask if you know the word you used in the paper and if you don’t know what it means you have to buy everyone donuts
  • Buy a dictionary and carry it around
  • If anyone hassles you tell them you have to go read your dictionary
  • Don’t use words you don’t know
  • Carry your dictionary and love language
  • To become a good researcher bring your mind with you
  • In order from top to bottom: Referring, Summarizing, Phrasing, and Quoting
  • Lots of quotes are a sure sign of a shitty paper
  • Make new knowledge and don’t report what is in the library
  • Give something new, different, and unique
  • Look at old sources with new eyes
  • Don’t repeat what you read over and over
  • Listening is an active humiliate
  • Genuine listening is being open to what people say
  • Research is having your mind in the moment
  • If we miss a class the class with have missed you but that class is unrepeatable
  • We are humans
  • Rob Snodgrass “Don’t use words you don’t know”.
  • If you use words you don’t know you are lying
  • It is pretending or it is a myth
  • Josh Plutt is the sketch artist
  • Katie Watson, Marcale Kaskalla, Mathew Jandebeur, Jared Adkin, Ben Miller, Eljin Gorman, Joey Bangheart, Jennella Mitchell, Kaitlyn  Martin, Rebecca Ward, Raelynn Torres.
  • Use notes on the paper assigned
  • Bill is the audience
  • Rule 1:  Who is your audience?
  • Rule 2:  What do you want to convince them of.

Writing takes hard work. Don’t resist working hard, because you are paying for this class. When you write, you should only use words you know the meaning of. Be aware of your audience.

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